Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mood Board For New Concept

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  1. The boards are based on the three acts of the film. Act one is black and white and introduces the Body. Act two introduces 7 colors one at a time then incorporates them all together. Lastly act three involves the same forest from act one but in full color. The characters are solid black, with motion graphics inside of them. As for the cathedrals, the setting of the second act takes place "inside the body", both symbolically and literally. Thus the body is portrayed as the temple through which you can find universal truths. The forest setting is based largely on Savannah. Likewise the "head" of the temple is based on St. Jonhs Cathedral, which was one of my favorite architectural works in the city. Among other things this film is a tribute to the past four years of my life spent in Savannah trying to figure out my life.