Friday, May 29, 2009

Story Beats

Story Beats

1) In a dark jungle a black tiger with white stripes sits under a large tree by a pond.

2) He has visions of suffering and global problems. and Having seen enough, he closes his eyes.

3) He recreates his self out of a yin yang in his mind.

4)  The head of this figure slowly explodes and colorful geometry springs out like the "big bang". 

5) The geometric shapes start to form the jungle he was just in as well as an abstracted mental version of his self. 

6) The new mental tiger turns and looks at the world that he has made for his self.

7) He realizes that he is able to manipulate the physical structure of this world at will, and plays with this ability for a while.

8)  A flash of light from above the clouds demands his attention, and he looks ups to find a majestic winged figure looking down at him.

9)  He transforms the abstract jungle into one huge tree like structure.

10) He proceeds to free run up the growing tree.

11) He finds that the winged stranger is a illuminated version of him self.

12) He ask how did he transmute the body into the spirit.

13)  The figure replies with words from his hands, "Don't think about being, just be".

14) Words from the spirit go into the mental tiger and his inner geometry changes to the golden galactic light of the winged spirit.

15) The mental tiger turns and raises his arms causing the physical tiger to rise.

16) The physical tiger floats up and unites with the mental one. 

17) The united mind an body float up and unite with the spirit, thus unifying the trinity. 

18) The real tiger opens his eyes revealing the same galactic light inside of them.

19) He looks back out into the dark jungle.

20) The sun rises revealing a world that is new yet completely the same. 

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