Friday, May 29, 2009



In the blinding darkness of a untamed jungle a black tiger with white stripes sits under a tree by a pond. Resting calmly in the lotus position, he looks out into the darkness of the world in which he finds himself helplessly submerged and reflects on the darker aspects of civilization. Deep within his solemn contemplation, he has lucid visions of death, sadness, sickness and corruption superimposed over the pond as reflections in the ripples and is overwhelmed by the

seemingly unconditional hopelessness of it all. Having seen enough, he closes his eyes, hoping to find some sort of peace and light with in his self. He imagines a blank black space in his mine. Then artistically fabricates a cognitive copy of his meditating body out of yin yang symbol. Once fully constructed, his head opens up revealing a rotating ba gua symbol, which gives rise to a abstract neural cluster like version of the jungle his real body sits in. After the psychological stage is created, a smaller abstract version of his body rises up from his exploding mind. This one is a simplified version with colorful geometry moving through his simplified tattoos. He observes his self apparently fascinated by his new identity. Then turns and looks at the world that he has made for his self. He realizes that he is able to manipulate the physical structure of this world at will, and plays with this ability for a while. Suddenly, a flash of light from above the clouds demands his attention, and he looks ups to find a majestic winged figure looking down at him from above the limits of the sky. Driven by curiosity and admiration, he transforms the abstract jungle into one huge tree like structure, and proceeds to free run up the growing tree. After overcoming the self constructed psychological obstacle course he comes face to face with the floating figure. Astonishingly, he finds that the winged stranger is in fact an illuminated version of him self. And he ask using images manifested form his hand how did he transmute the original  lead of the body into this golden spiritual being. To which the glowing figure replies with words from his hands, "Don't think about being, just be". The words then move into the center of the "mind's head"  and is inner geometry changes to the golden galactic light of the winged spirit. Enlightened, he turns around and looks down at the representation of the body that he arose from. He opens his arms receptively and the body starts to slowly rise. They then float up to the winged spirit and unite with it simultaneously existing as the unified one and the subdivided all. Suddenly the real tiger opens his eyes revealing the same galactic light inside of them. He looks back out into the dark jungle, and behind him the sun rises revealing a world that is fresh new and beautiful, yet completely the same.  

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