Monday, July 6, 2009



In the blinding darkness of an untamed grey scale jungle a black tiger with white tattoos sits between a majestic ankh shaped oak tree and a small creek. Resting calmly in the lotus position, he looks down into the flowing stream of water at small coy fish swimming by. He sits peering deep into the glassy surface of the water, and the fish then dissolve into images relating to pain, ignorance, death, sadness, sickness and corruption. Having seen enough, he looks up takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, hoping to find some sort of purpose and meaning to all the madness. He imagines a blank black space in his mind. He then artistically fabricates a cognitive copy of his meditating body out of the yin yang symbol.

Once fully constructed, the top of his head fragments literally opening his mind. Then gray scaled motion graphic designs start to grow and flourish out of his head recreating the "real" world out of geometric shapes and lines. The remaining geometry expansively flows from his head creating a structure resembling a neuro-cluster. Likewise, a smaller abstract version of the body is created out of these remnants. This smaller version, the mind, is also black and white, but has stripes instead of tattoos. He observes the neurological net work as it forms a tree of knowledge. Then like colorful fruit growing from the tree, iconographic information begins growing on the branches. He touches one of the icons and it starts to manifest repetitively from the center of his head. Then he watches as it travels through out his body and then the color starts to slowly become apparent in the world. He picks a different colored icon and the same thing happens. Then he jumps into the tree and begins free running trough it colorizing the world and enriching his mind.

Suddenly, a flash of light from above the clouds demands his attention, and he looks up to find a mysterious back lit figure floating above the limits of the sky. Driven by curiosity, he free runs to the top of the huge tree like structure. After overcoming the self constructed psychological obstacle course, he comes face to face with the floating figure. Astonishingly, he finds that the winged stranger is in fact an illuminated version of him self with multiple arms and or wings.

At this point the mind and soul engage in a motion typographical conversation with information flowing from their hands.

Possible Questions and Answers

Q-How can I escape suffering?

A- To escape pain, is to escape pleasure. Find pleasure in knowing that pain exist, for without the existence of pain pleasure would not exist. You have been privileged to be aware of you existence, but you are but a single transitional state manifested by the all, and eventually like the flowing river, your material body, will flow back into the cyclical stream of matter as it travels in and out of other transitional forms.

Q-What can I know to be true in this tangled web of fact, fiction and opinion?

A-Nothing can be known things can only be believed, and beliefs based on limited perspectives can never fully reflect the whole truth.

Q-What is the whole truth?

A- To define it you must confine it's limitless potentiality to a short list of representational symbols which act as fingers pointing to the truth. The truth is everywhere. You don't need fingers guiding you to see it. Open your eyes and there shall be no place that it is not seen.

Q-How can I manifest my potential and become as you are?

A-By choosing to do so.

Q- what about obstacles and distractions?

A-They are products of your own mind. Just as you had the power to create them, you have the power to destroy them. Don't think about being, don't work towards being. Do not aspire to be. Just Be.

( mind-looks down in disbelief. )

soul- You do not have to try to be as I am. For you already are. The only obstacle standing between you and your potential is your mind's belief that you have not yet reached your potential. And yet, Here I am, standing right in front of what you consider to be yourself. There is not you or me, but we. Separation is a perceptual illusion. We are individual manifestations of the "All" and as such we are one. Things only appear separate when your looking at the individual details. If you look at the bigger picture, then you will see, that reality is just a reverberating pattern, and that you are just one aspect of an infinite potential stretching throughout space and time. This is what the fingers point to, the one pattern created by the "all". From the sub atomic to the multi-versal, all things are connected. When you come to truly understand this, your suffering will fade away like darkness yielding to light.

The word light then moves into the center of the "mind's head" and his inner geometry changes to the golden galactic light of the winged spirit. Enlightened, he turns around and looks down at the representation of the body that he arose from. He opens his arms receptively and the body starts to slowly rise. They then float up to the winged spirit and unite with it simultaneously existing as the unified one and the subdivided all. Suddenly, the real tiger opens his eyes revealing the same galactic light inside of them. He looks back out into the dark jungle, and colors slowly start to fade into the gray scaled terrain. Finally, the sun rises behind him revealing a world that is fresh new and beautiful, yet completely the same. fade to black

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