Monday, July 6, 2009

Story beats V-3

Story Beats

1) In a dark grey scale jungle a black tiger with white stripes sits between a ankh shaped oak tree and a small creek.

2) He looks down into the flowing stream of water at small coy fish.

3) The fish dissolve into images relating to pain, ignorance, death, sadness, sickness and corruption.

4) Having seen enough, he looks up, takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes.

5) He recreates his self out of a yin yang in his mind.

6) The head of this mental figure slowly explodes.

7) Gray scaled motion graphic designs start to grow and flourish out of his head recreating the "real" world.

8) The remaining geometry flows from his head creating a structure resembling a neuro-cluster.

9) A smaller abstract version of the body is created out of these remnants.

10) He observes the neurological net work as it forms a tree of knowledge.

11) Seven monochromatic icons begin to grow and multiply on the branches

12) He touches a red icon and small expanding puzzle pieces with images relating to astronomy explode out of it.

13) He watches as the red icon travels through his body.

14) The color red starts to slowly become apparent in the world.

15) He touches an orange icon and images relating to Astro-theology burst out and repeat the acts of the red icon.

16) He jumps into the tree and begins free running.

17) He jumps on a yellow icon revealing images relating to mythology.

18) He jumps on a green icon revealing images relating to philosophy.

19) He jumps on a blue icon revealing images relating to religion.

20) He jumps on a purple icon revealing images relating to science.

21) He jumps on a Magenta icon revealing images relating to new age religion.

22) The groups of puzzle pieces join together in the center of the tree to create a large hand pointing up to the sky.

23) A flash of light from above the clouds demands his attention,

24) The mind looks up to find a majestic winged figure looking down at him.

25) He proceeds to free run up the tree.

26) He finds that the winged stranger is a illuminated version of him self.

27) The soul gathers up the puzzle pieces into a circle and they merge into their respective monochromatic groups.

28) The groups form hands pointing to the center point.

29) Yin yang manifest in the center

30) The hands move into the yin yang

31) A collage of dualistic contradictory images relating to the icons manifest in the yin yang. Images in order of appearance:

32) Astronomy = intergalactic and subatomic

33) Astro-theology = religion and astrology

34) Mythology = good and evil

35) Philosophy = truth and lies

36) Religion = life and death

37) Science = organic and mechanical

38) New Age = transcendence of duality

39) The yin yang begins to glow with golden galactic light and explodes into golden fragments

40) The fragments go into the center of the minds' head.

41) His inner geometry changes to the golden galactic light of the winged spirit.

42) The mind turns

43) He raises his arms causing the body to rise.

44) The body floats up and all three of the tigers unite into one figure.

45) The back ground fades into a spiraling galaxy.

46) (Cross dissolve), The real tiger opens his eyes revealing the same galactic light inside of them.

47) He looks back out into the dark grey scaled jungle.

48) The sun rises revealing a colorful world that is new yet completely the same.

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