Thursday, November 19, 2009

A change in the wind.

Well at present there are still a few loose end that need to be tide down before I can start to animate. Finally, after having my head drive die 6 times, and I'm not exaggerating, Apple decided to replace my computer with a brand new model. The new computer is better in every way, and will be a great help in the months to come. Hmmm, Lets see What has to be completed before January.

1) Finalize story, and beats. The story needs some drama. It lacks a strong antagonistic force.
2) Compose Music
3) Edit a reference video
4)Finalize Character Designs.
5)Finalize layout designs
6) Create new pitch book
7) Create Production Schedule
8) Draw and paint all layouts and place in there compositional order.
9) Draw and paint all motion graphic elements including: the body, leaves, Stream of consciousness content, Forbidden fruit Icons and collages, the puzzle hand, and finally the content of the mind that is to be transformed.
10) Final Story Boards
11) Create new Animatic

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