Monday, November 30, 2009

Score reference mix

This is a mix created from three songs from the Avatar: the last air bender soundtrack. This is the direction I want to move toward as far as the "pace and tone" of the score, but not necessarily the sound. I took this song and tide the story beats down to it creating a "sound map", then I took the sound map and created a new song following the "sound of the story". Originally I wanted to just use this Avatar mix, but, I'm broke and can't afford to buy the right to the 3 tracks, so I'm just gonna have to compose my own music. It's a shame though because I was really moved by the power of the chorus.reference

1 comment:

  1. The percussion in this track is really similar to what I want. It needs to be visceral, and I want it to sound like conquest, and war in the middle, slow and dark at the beginning, and reminiscent of a gothic cathedral at the end. I 'd like for the drums to have a primal sound with african and asian instruments.