Monday, June 28, 2010

Citrinitas: Final story.....I think

Sitting silently in the stillness of a colorless night, a black tiger with silvery white tattoos contemplates the unfolding of a closed lotus. Realizing that within slumbering flower lies the potentiality of an awakened blossom with open petals, he relates the lotus to his capacity to undergo an expansive transformation of consciousness. After visualizing the blooming flower, he closes his eyes, and psychologically dives into the depths of his subconscious. Deep within he finds a self-reflection sitting in the center of his mental microcosm. This figure sits in the lotus position encircled by the four fundamental elements of the material world. These elements represent the link between the realms of the mental and the realms of the physical. As the meditating figure sits, its center becomes transparent revealing the inner structure of a temple. At the base of this temple a smaller self-reflective figure personifying the physical body sits on top of a lotus. He looks up for a second then down again, and closes his eyes, at which point a second inner figure is revealed. This figure, a simplified abstraction of the self, is a personification of the mind, and is strung up by the restrictive chains of duality. He hangs by the arms almost lifeless in the darkness of the temples head. Suddenly, the eyes of the body open, and the mind springs to life breaking his chains and falling down in front of the body. Rising up, the mind and the body, lock eyes. Then the body points up while keeping his eyes fixed on The mind, and the mind follows suit, but upon inspection sees nothing but the empty void in which he used to hang. Frowning in confusion, the mind stares questioningly at the body sitting peacefully on the lotus. The body then brings his hands together and between them grows a small fractal shaped with a tree like fractal inside of it. After the tree fully forms, seven colored fruit grow on it, and it slowly begins to float up the center of the temple. Upon reaching the level of the heart it begins to grow larger, forming a full sized tree of knowledge complete with multiple varieties of forbidden fruit from which to gain new perspectives. Amazed at the spectacle of the floating tree, and even more so, by his first perception of color in an otherwise black and white world, the mind looks back down to the body for and explanation. The body replies to the inquisitive gaze, by simply pointing up to the tree, implying that the mind will have to see for his self. Sparked by curiosity, the abstract cat leaps onto the roots of the massive tree and skillfully makes his way over the red apple. After investigating it, he reaches out to touch it, and it shatters into small red puzzle pieces, which float up above the tree and form a incomplete shape. Instantly, the mind notices a change in his perception, the color red becomes apparent in his self, and in the world around him. Intuitively recognizing that the other fruit hold the other puzzle pieces necessary to complete the figure, he leaps to action maneuvering through the branches like a gymnast. After he makes his way to all of the fruit, unlocking all of the puzzle pieces, and experiencing each of the colored perceptual perspectives, he sees his self and the world around him in full color as if it had been that way the whole time, but he had not the eyes to see it. Looking up, he finally sees the completed figure floating above the tree. The puzzle pieces formed a multicolored hand pointing upwards creating more questions than it answers. Feeling him self get lighter, the mind starts to float up into the darkness of the unknown. Once again feeling solid ground, the mind rises and inspects his surroundings, but is interrupted by a flash of light from above. In the center of the room, a circular gateway begins to open revealing another mysterious figure surrounded by light, and eerily reminiscent of the body. As the figure descends the light appears to follow him, and he raises his arms summoning the puzzle pieces from below. He uses the pieces to form three circles, which merge into one and start to glow with a golden light. Then with a thrust of his hands, the mysterious figure blows the mind’s head into fragments, and streams the puzzle pieces inside of him. After the mind is full, his multicolored body is transmuted into gold, and his head is reconstructed. Once again, his perception of the whorl around him changes shining forth with a golden brilliance. And he looks up realizing that the mysterious figure is the soul, and just another aspects of the self. The soul then lifts his arms raising the mind up before him, and then points down. The mind, now illuminated, instantly understands the meaning of the gesture. The whole time, the fingers had been pointing to the fragmented parts of the one true self, of which he was just a single puzzle piece. Realizing this, the mind turns around and raises his arms, uplifting the body now glowing with golden tattoos. The three figures then merge, and thus the fragmented all, becomes the unified one. Drawing out of the temple, and the surrounding inner space, the Tiger awakens from his vision with golden glowing eyes. As he looks out into the gray world around him, it begins to fragment into upward floating pieces revealing a rich colored reality just beneath the surface. Reveling in seeing his old world with new eyes, he notices that the budding lotus begins to open, and the sun begins to rise, bathing the world in a brilliant golden light and completing his alchemical process of illumination.

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