Monday, June 28, 2010

Shot list

Fred Andrews IV
Citirnitas: Story Beats / Shot Break Downs

Act 1
A1S0) Title: Citrinitas
A1S1) Quote or definition of title
A1S2) Title fades into moon
A1S3) Zoom into Body sitting by a pond
A1S4) Tiger looks down in front of himself
A1S5) POV of closed lotus in dark murky swamp,
A1S6) Fade back to Body’s face
A1S7) Eyes close
A1S8) Zoom into third eye while it expands
A1S9) Zoom into Body Temple

Act 2
A2S10) Enter Body Temple
A2S11) Pan down to body sitting on Lotus fountain
A2S12) Closes Eyes While zooming into face and opacity fades
A2S13) Pan up to the mind hanging in the Sanctum
A2S14) View statues and the layout
A2S15) Eyes of the body open while mind brightens
A2S16) Mind descends/ Falls to the Body
A2S17) Mind stands up and they look at each other
A2S18) Body Manifest a tree like fractal with 7 fruits
A2S19) Mind Stares curiously
A2S20) Fractal floats up to the center of the chest
A2S21) Fractal grows / materializes into large tree with fruit
A2S22) Body points up

Act 3
A3S23) Mind jumps up onto tree
A3S23) Mind moves to the apple
A3S23) He touches the apple, and it explodes into puzzle pieces
A3S24) Puzzle pieces flow up to create a hand while red fades in to the leaves and his body
A3S25) He moves to the orange
A3S26) He touches the orange, and it explodes into puzzle pieces
A3S27) Puzzle pieces flow up to create a hand while orange fades in to the leaves and his body
A3S28) He moves to the banana
A3S29) Repeat
A3S30) Repeat
A3S31) He moves to pear
A3S32) Repeat
A3S32) Repeat
A3S33) He moves to blue berries
A3S34) Repeat
A3S35) Repeat
A3S36) He moves to grapes
A3S37) Repeat
A3S38) Repeat
A3S39) He moves to figs
A3S40) He stops and light shines down
A3S41) He stands and looks up at the hand, while his color fade away
A3S42) He floats up to the Head / Sanctum

Act 4
A4S43) The mind lands in the head
A4S44) He stands and looks up at the source of the light
A4S45) It opens up
A4S46) The Soul appears
A4S47) The Soul floats down
A4S48) He opens his arms and forms a rotating circle with the puzzle pieces
A4S49) The Soul gestures with his hands and the minds head opens
A4S50) The Soul imparts the puzzle into the mind, and he becomes fully colored
A5S51) He then closes the Minds head back up, as color fades into the layout
A4S52) The minds stares at a new world filled with color
A4S53) He then looks up at the soul as the Soul points down
A4S54) Understanding this gesture he turns and leaps up into the air hovering like the Soul
A4S55) Lifting his arms he causes the body to rise from the depths of the temple
A4S56) The Body Rise and all three of them come into alignment
A4S57) They overlap with their arms at different angles
A4S58) They raise their arm as they all turn gold and merge into one figure
A4S59) Camera zooms out revealing temple turning gold and getting brighter
A4S60) Temple face fades in
A4S61) Camera zooms out showing colored inner space

Act 5
A5S62) Third eye symbol reforms / fades back in
A5S63) Camera zooms out quickly revealing glowing golden eyes
A5S64) Camera zooms out revealing gray setting
A5S65) POV shot of the lotus slowly opening up
A5S66) Then the gray slowly disintegrates revealing the color underneath it
A5S67) Camera zooms out behind the Tigers head
A5S68) Camera zooms into rising sunset

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