Saturday, June 26, 2010

Citrinitas Score- Almost the final version

This is the final version of the score. The percussion still needs some work in the middle. I tried to map out the story with the music, and it ended up being quite long. Some might say too long considering that we are told to make our fills no longer than 2 minutes. None the less, this is the first real work of art that I have produced in years, so I must let it be what it wants to become. It could also be argued that I'm too ignorant to know how to to express and portray all that I want in a shorter amount of time. Likewise, I just arrogant and foolish enough to stubbornly ignore the wise warnings of those who have come before me. Ultimately, I just want to be true to my artistic vision unconditionally. I'm still green enough to find that idea noble.

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